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    While one of the benefits of this site is to help others with inquiries in regards to items, this assistance will usually come from the assistance of other members. Here are some tips to help you receive a response to your questions.


    1. Have you done any research yourself prior to asking for assistance. So often all you have to do is a search in Google (or another search engine) and you may find the answer. Keep your search key words simple. One of the best ways to educate yourself is through your own research.

    2. Did you look through the RESOURCES tab at the upper left of the page when you are in iAntique? There are a number of resource sites listed which may help you and this list will be continually added to.

    3. Search in sites such as ebay, both in the current and completed auction listings. Don't rely solely on an ebay item's description as being accurate. Too many items are often mis-identified and inaccuractely described, but this can be an additional search source.

    4. Don't ask for help on an abundance of items. As any assistance that is shared will most likely be from other iAntique members who are willing to help out when possible, don't abuse this option. Listing a number of items will probably be passed by. Ask on one or two items, then maybe wait awhile before your next inquiry.


    5. Provide a detailed description of the item. Measurements or dimensions, any markings, what is it made of, condition, etc. Share as much information about the item as you can. This also includes correct spelling with your inquiry.

    6. Photos are a must. Provide good clear photos and include a closeup of any manufacturers marks or labels if possible.

    7. What do you know about it?


    As I have shared, more than likely the help you will be given will come from another iAntique member who has generously taken the time to do some research and share an answer. Take a few seconds of your time to say "thanks" to them for helping out. Good Luck!


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  • Tom Norskov
    Tom Norskov Claude, I agree completely! The research educates me too and I am more than willing to help if & when I can. I just like to encourage others to do the same....rather than just ask. Sort of goes back to the old saying "You can give a man a fish & feed h...  more
    September 2, 2011
  • Claude Leaman
    Claude Leaman Tom also remember that while you can give a man a fish and feed him, if you teach him to fish he will sit in the boat all day drinking beer.
    September 2, 2011
  • Katie
    Katie Thanks for this post. i think it is great that people can help out here, although i fully agree that everyone should do research themselves first. i really do, do a lot of research on every item i find before asking and sometimes ask anyways, because i mi...  more
    September 23, 2011
  • Tom Norskov
    Tom Norskov'll be there before you know it. We all started at "square one", but you may surprise yourself at how quickly you will start recognizing shapes, colors & qualities of glass, patterns, etc. I'd encourage you to go "old school" and build a li...  more
    September 24, 2011 - 1 likes this