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  • What is this?

    Posted February 8, 2017 by Betty Jean Shearin


    Folks you have to check this out. I was so intrigued when I saw this “thing” I had to know what it was and where it came from. After lots of research, turns out it comes from an amazing plant called Devil&rsq Read More...

  • The Value of Rare and Antique Books

    Posted March 17, 2015 by Brucha Junovitch


    By Brucha Junovitch For many book collectors, the value of their antique books is more than a specific monetary value. Often these collectors search out antique books to add to their collections based on their love for a Read More...

  • The Beginnings of American Furniture

    Posted March 13, 2015 by Brucha Junovitch


    By Brucha Junovitch American furniture is a mix of various styles that resulted from the blending of furniture brought to America by it many immigrant populations over the years. The earliest style brought to its shores Read More...