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National Soda Fountain Guide MORE INFO PLEASE

  • November 12, 2014 1:10 PM PST

    Hi Dennis & Tonya, It's a very rare book. In fact, I've searched all the usual sites for copies of this book for sale, and I can't find any. There are even very few copies in libraries. The author, William S. Adkins, also wrote another book, "The Practical Soda Fountain Guide," which was published in 1911. There aren't any old copies of it out there either, but it was reprinted in paperback in 2012. If you want to sell yours, I suggest you list it online, such as in the iAntique Classifieds, and test the waters at about $200. I wouldn't put it into an ebay auction, as you're looking for such a specialized audience, it could take some time to find a buyer. Alternatively, you could contact an auction house in New York that has a good following for books: Doyle's, although it might fall below their minimum. Gary