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Lord Byron selected poems

  • September 19, 2015 9:01 AM PDT

    Hi Larry, Byron died in 1824, so, of course, the poems were written before then; but Matthew Arnold wasn't born until 1822, and he died in 1888. That tells us that your book is probably not a first edition. Your copy is rare, however, as the only copies I can find are cloth bound. I think, however, that you have a leather bound copy of the edition Crowell published in 1893. It was copyrighted in 1884 and 1893, but I can't find reference to a published version prior to 1893. The value will be to a great extent dependent on condition. Is there foxing to the pages? Is the cover scuffed? Is there any hand writing in your copy? If yours is perfectly clean with no foxing, and the cover is very good, then I think it could be worth, say, $75. If you want to sell it, I suggest Ebay Buy It Now. Gary