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  • Topic: I would like to hepl Chris withan episode or two on Reel Design

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    • December 14, 2016 10:24 PM CST
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      I would like to help Chris do Reel Design regarding Marilyn's last Unfinished Film

      I never told anyone at the Brass about my pilgrimidge to LA in 2004, where I met fellow Marilyn fans from across the world for the opening of the newly-restored Max Factor Makeup Museum, a panel discussion on Marilyn's work, and finally her yearly Memorial Service at which I sat beside my new friend from England, Suzie Kennedy, who is in her own right a Marilyn look alike! We couldn't go anywhere without getting mobbed on Hollywood Blvd.

      I met with producers and crew members who worked with Mariyn and I even met hairstylist Mickey Song, who did her hair at President Kennedy's Birthday Gala in 1962 at Madison Square Garden. All of these people were so warm and inviting. 

      At a private party for memorial guests, I fell asleep in the living room on a couch, which I learned, five years later, had been ordered by Marilyn during her 1962 visit to Mexico. It blew my mind that Greg Schreiner, the founder of Marilyn Remembered (1982) in LA, even had her dresser and a foot stool from Mexico that were in her bedroom that she had died in. I felt as if these were relics of some sort. And then to think I fell asleep on the couch, while all of my pals left me there- Greg made me dinner and drove me back to the Hotel.

      I had a lengthy conversation with Art Director and Co-Producer of "Something's Got To Give", Eugene "Gene" Allen, about how George Cukor's home on Cordell Drive in Holywood Hills was phhtographed extensively, and then measured so that a near replica could and would be recreated on Soundstage 14 at 20th Century Fox. I have a story to tell about that set and a photo I already knew was in existance, and yet Mr. Allen told me more history about it, which I will be glad to share. These images should not be hard to find. How do we handle copyright permissions?

      I have studied the making of "Something's Got To Give" since 1998. I would love to help Chris do a show, or two show series on the making of, dismantling of the picture, and the hopes that were in Marilyn's heart after being fired for the first time, to finish the picture starting, producing something with substance beginning again in October after Fox rehired her for more money. She went after them in the press and shreaded their name until they begged for her mercy. She was their highst grossing star since Shirley Temple.

      PLease let me know if I can be interviewed by Chris. I have reached outalready to the Marilyn Community. I can get a copy of the original script probably, and photos are abundant- not all of them worthy of screentime. Can we use clips from the film itself? 

      Excitedly, I hope to return to the Brass to share now, my knowledge, and that of the Marilyn remembered Facebook and LA Home Group, a large piece of valuable Hollywood History and what could have been if Marilyn had lived.

      Josh Miller

      This post was edited by Joshua Miller at December 14, 2016 10:40 PM CST

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